America's Answer to the Tiger Mother
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America's Answer
 to the 
Tiger Mother 

How to Raise Successful, Happy Children  


Carol Cooke
"Like so many other Americans, I read Amy Chua’s Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother  with avid fascination. I alternated between admiration and dismay: admiration for a woman who dedicated so much time and energy to raising her children, and dismay for children whose lives, at least as portrayed in her book, seemed to be relentlessly regimented and devoid of any plain old-fashioned fun."  
"As an educator, I focus less on how we should treat our children and much more on what we should teach them.  What I am offering is a model for American parenting."
"Today's American parents, like so many others from all backgrounds who came before, want their children to grow to be confident, productive, and fulfilled young people.  Like their parental predecessors, they are more than willing to do whatever is required to help their children achieve the seemingly basic goals of success and happiness.  Unfortunately, parents today have the same problem as so many of those others who came before. Quite simply . . . they do not know how.